Month: July 2019

What is gear oil

Oil used for lubrication for any gear box or gear system is known as gear oil.Basically gear oil may divided into two types. Industrial Gear Oil: In different industrial operation there need to transmit power or any industrial parts. For example, in steel industries mega size gears are used for rolling mill and these  gear may be bevel spur & any types hypoid gear.This gear need to lubricate & these are industrial gear oil.Generally Industrial gear oils have only ISO …

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What is hydraulic oil

Oil used for hydraulic system to transferring pressure is generally known as hydraulic oils. The basic function of this oil is to keep active the hydraulic or pneumatic  system. Application : In most cases,hydraulic oil is used in hydraulic equipment in high temperature & pressure. In these case oil consumption may not high.For example, in different construction or material handling equipment such as excavator, pay loaders etc.In all these equipment have hydraulic chamber which is operates under pressure by a …

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