Thermal oil

Heat Transfer Oil or thermal oil is very important for different industries specially for textile industries.Because thermal oil is the only medium for transfer heat from boiler to application point in case of Thermal boiler. Generally mineral base heat transfer oil can transfer heat up to 320 °C to application point.

Basic characteristics of thermal oil would be like this:

For getting proper heat at stenter machine have to maintain some guidelines in time of Startup the thermal boiler.

General Guidelines for thermal boiler installation


Checking of system tightness:
Tightness tests can be performed with inert gas (for instance nitrogen) at a
low pressure and while checking any points where leaks are possible; water
can be used with a surfactant additive (for instance soapy water) to detect leaks (by the releasing of bubbles).
Inert gas

Problem of leakage due to a bad sealing:
Caution! Never perform tightness tests with an aqueous fluid because it will
then be very difficult to get rid of it and bringing the installation up to
temperature would cause the vaporizing of the water in the circuit (1 liter of
water produces 1600 liters of water steam).

Pipe fouling removal in circuit:
The fouling must be removed from the circuit if it contains suspended
and/or adhering deposits on the metal surfaces of the circuit.
To do this, use SERIOLA DTH product at 5%, mixed with the
used fluid for at least one week under normal installation operating condition.

Expansion Tank Guideline:

If there any expansion tank in the system,then have to maintain some criteria such as:

  • Tank Height must be 5 meter above from the last pipeline of system.
  • Overflow line must be 3/4 height of total height of tank internally.
  • Overflow line diameter will 1/3 of system pipe diameter.


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