Engine Oil

Everyone wants to use the best engine oil in the world.But it is not so easy to find the best oil for any specific engine.Because depending on engine size,fuel category,engine type,different type of engine oil required.

How It works:

For proper lubrication of engines,need to use best engine oil.Engine means,generally internal combustion engine,which consists of Piston,cylinder, crankshafts etc.It may any car engine or ang type of industrial engine.For friction less movement of piston from top dead center to bottom dead center the lubricant has great contribution. For crankcase & flywheel movement it is also necessary. Generally lubrication done in two methods in the engine.

One is a splash system and another is a forced system.

How to Choose best engine oil for car engine:

 For making piston gas tight,dissipates  generated heat & vibration from engine necessity of best lubricant has no bound. For selecting the best engine oil, you need to take care about some points such as API, SAE & Viscosity Grades of the lubricant. And selecting Grades need to follow OEM guidelines. For example if we follow any latest car engine OEM guidelines we will find that 0W-20 synthetic oil,10W-30 oil or 5W-30 oil are recommended. 

Because depending on engine manufacture system may need to use various Oil grade.For example,in gasoline engine lubrication one OEM may recommend 10W30 again another gasoline engine OEM may recommend 5W30.So first priority is always engine OEM recommendation.

If we look into  the engine oil major working function then will get some important factors for selecting the right oil for our engine,such as: 

Reduce heat,friction,protect engine for metal wearing.In addition, best engine oil also helps engine for fuel saving, smooth driving & noiseless sound.So while selecting the engine oil need to be careful. There are also some other factors which should be considered for selecting engine oil.

These are:

Lubrication capability :

It is the most important function of any engine oil.If lubrication is not done properly then the engine will show different failure such as cracking,misfiring,tripping etc,due to lack of proper lubricating engine parts failed to move and works accordingly so that different problem arise in the internal combustion engine.Many motor oil brands would tell that they are the best engine oil in the world.But most of them are not sure about that,which types of motor oil actually need for the used according to engine design and OEM recommendation.Many engine oil brands would be good to use but with variety wheather location & for different model engine that engine oil brand would not good to use.So to select a best engine oil for engine have to consider following matters strictly:

  • OEM recommendation
  • Weather condition
  • Engine‚Äôs age
  • Originality

Engine protection:

Not every lubricant works as engine protection oil,to maximize engine life it is a very important function of the best engine oil.If we consider the engine protection importance in motor vs engine,then we will find that it more important in car engine than a marine or industrial engine because motor vehicle moves in different place of different weather condition.Actually engine protection means to protect engine parts by oil sealing,by creating smoothless moving.AMSOIL,MOBIL 1 Synthetic oil are reputed oil as a best engine oil which also works for best engine protection.In a case study of synthetic oil vs conventional oil, it is found that,synthetic oil works more in engine protection function.


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